Guidelines for Schools, Counselors and Students

All participants

  • Activities mirror those found on a construction site. Safety is critically important. Please follow instructions provided by those in construction who are present to assist you.
  • It's mandatory that participants dress for the weather, including comfortable walking shoes. No sandals, open toed or high heel shoes ... this is a construction site. (Please do not allow boarding of the bus if a participant does not have this safety attire.)
  • Activities are both under tents and outside, including terrain that could be muddy.


  • Schools and training programs will be assigned to arrive by tiers that accommodate the starting time and ending time of the school day.
  • Insurance policies require that counselors / teachers / chaperones remain with the students.
  • Upon arrival, students should complete their "Student Registration" in advance and turn it in when they arrive to receive their bag of construction information and promotional items.
  • Your students will progress through two areas:
     4- Small tools & equipment
     4- Large equipment
  • Plan your time to explore each in the time allotted (approximately 1 hour) than regroup to board the buses for your return
  • Counselors and chaperones should remain with your students.
  • Remain on the premises. Do not permit students to leave (such as to attempt to go to nearby fast food restaurants).
  • Packets of student evaluation forms will be provided upon your departure. Have each of your students complete the forms on your return trip, then slide them all into the postage paid return envelope and mail them back to the SLCCC.


  • Please provide a sample copy of the consent form which parents/guardians are required to sign for field trips.
  • Invite students to participate who are likely to consider the opportunities of a career in construction.
  • Lunches will be provided for students, counselors/chaperones and bus drivers for schools whose participation coincides with that school's lunch period.
  • There should be at least 2 counselors or chaperones per bus.

This program is provided by the construction industry as a complimentary service to those who may wish to consider a career in construction. Please show your appreciation to those who have volunteered their time to assist you.